scoot in close and there will be room for everyone.

My name is Inga and I'm an artist, among other things. I have an Etsy shop, Sunny Plum, that specializes in things that are sewn.

I love perusing art and crafts, finding out how people make things, and making myself nuts adding items to my ever expanding wish list. So that's what this blog is mostly dedicated to. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Know, I Don't Know

brainstorm journal. brown and blue
Brainstorm journal by redstarINK

At work today at the vet hospital a conversation with a co-worker led me to ponder my grasp on the VAST subject of veterinary medicine.  This can be applicable to almost anything.

I know what I know.
I know of many things that I don't know.
I know that there is much that I don't even know that I don't know.

This just inspires me to keep on learning.  Exercise your brain!  :)

Gooey Brain Cupcake Soap -final 4 for 2010
Gooey brain cupcake soap by sunbasilgarden
vintage human anatomy - the brain - (khaki) Messenger Bag / Laptop Bag
Vintage human anatomy -the brain- bag by CraftieRobot

Zombies Love Brains Necklace
Zombies love brains necklace by CorsoStudio

Brain Embroidery Hand Stitched Illustration Wall Plaque
Brain embroidery hand stitched illustration wall plaque by Samskiart
zombies love brains cereal Bowl
Zombies love brains cereal bowl by foldedpigs

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ten Things I Need Daily

Wall calendar by FreyaArt
10 things that make me a better me:
(Not in order of importance)

1.  A little time every day just for me.
2.  To perform some task I feel accomplished at doing.
3.  Fresh air.
4.  To be warm next to my husband.
5.  An idea.
6.  Confirmation that I am creative.
7.  For the bed to be made.
8.  To leave the house a little cleaner than it was when I woke up.
9.  To inhale everything about my daughter and keep it in.
10.  A great big belly laugh.

What is one thing you need on a daily basis to do a good job being you?
Perpetual Tag Calendar by erinzam

Monday, November 29, 2010

This is How I Roll

The ingredients for a relaxing evening in front of the zombie box.

There comes a time when curling up on the couch with some handstitching at the end of the night is just the right thing.

I often feel guilty just sitting and vegging out because it isn't productive.  But it's OK to prioritize down time.  If my brain needs just a little bit more stimulation then keeping a pad and pen for doodling or a little bit of light sewing next to me does the trick.

So cheers everyone, I'm turning the sound down on the baby monitor and cracking open a Blue Moon while I sew some fur onto some ears and watch Law & Order.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

House Crazed

Warm thoughts as the weather gets cooler.

There are paint chips all over the floor, taped to the walls, shoved under picture frames, with circles in ink around favorite colors.  I'm having an 'I can't stand my house' moment.  More accurately there are two rooms I cannot stand and one that needs painting. 

The house is a little rancher with 6 total rooms built in 1968.  There are things that could be done without, like the horribly poor job someone did texturizing the ceilings... why would anyone do that?  And then there are these perfect weird little abnormalities that I am slowly learning to embrace.

So far I've changed my color selection for the rooms about 6 times and am faced with aggrivation and frustration due to my indecision.  Then a funny thing happened...

I was reading backlogs of emails from blogs I follow and there was one particularly interesting post.  Apparently I am not the only one who starts maniacle home and garden projects when faced with artistic stagnation.  I just didn't know that's what was propelling my behavior.

So instead of running out to Home Depot and spending $200 on paint that I might not actually want, I ambled down to my basement studio (which I'd been taking a time out from to spend more time with the hubby and tyke).  There I started work on something that had been rolling around in my brain for a couple months and it felt *really* good.

The challenge then becomes not to renovate the entire house every 6 months and leave multiple partially finished projects staring accusingly at me, but to learn my own emotional cues and balance my life accordingly.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Open for Business!

The new shop, Sunny Plum is officially open for business!  There are some old favorites from Dog&Daemona as well as fresh new designs.  I have more new goodies on the way, just check in every so often to see them.  There is a free shipping offer for the first five sales in the shop.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I cannot run two shops, I have decided.  Recently I read a great article and took from it how important the act of editing your product line is.  This is almost a relief, because as wide ranging and plentiful my ideas and prototypes are, it's unrealistic to include everything in my stores.  As a result I realized that I need to streamline my online selling experience, edit my stock, and make some changes to my storefront.  Part of this includes choosing one store to represent my artistic efforts, not two or three to accomodate the multiple tangents my work seems to follow.

So I've started the process of closing my two existing shops and opening a new one.  This act ties into a whole slew of other personal growth and identity recognition activities I have engaged in recently.  My house has been reorganized, stripped of all the junk that clutters my self expression in my living space.  It feels... fantastic!

The new shop should be announced in early October.  October is the best month, it's my birthday month.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So big!

This is the cutest thing I ever made.  Got some great pics outside in the yard yesterday!

Yum, grass!  Nom Nom!  I guess we've been spending too much time with the horse.  Had a great time hanging out at the barn watching the farrier put shoes on the horse today.