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My name is Inga and I'm an artist, among other things. I have an Etsy shop, Sunny Plum, that specializes in things that are sewn.

I love perusing art and crafts, finding out how people make things, and making myself nuts adding items to my ever expanding wish list. So that's what this blog is mostly dedicated to. Enjoy!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ten Things I Need Daily

Wall calendar by FreyaArt
10 things that make me a better me:
(Not in order of importance)

1.  A little time every day just for me.
2.  To perform some task I feel accomplished at doing.
3.  Fresh air.
4.  To be warm next to my husband.
5.  An idea.
6.  Confirmation that I am creative.
7.  For the bed to be made.
8.  To leave the house a little cleaner than it was when I woke up.
9.  To inhale everything about my daughter and keep it in.
10.  A great big belly laugh.

What is one thing you need on a daily basis to do a good job being you?
Perpetual Tag Calendar by erinzam

1 comment:

  1. Right now it would be perseverance. Perseverance to keep creating, keep blogging, keep trying to make my small business profitable. I'm just now beginning to get my act together, so there are still a lot of issues to work out. It's easy to become discouraged, to doubt myself. So perseverance is definitely key.