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My name is Inga and I'm an artist, among other things. I have an Etsy shop, Sunny Plum, that specializes in things that are sewn.

I love perusing art and crafts, finding out how people make things, and making myself nuts adding items to my ever expanding wish list. So that's what this blog is mostly dedicated to. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey I'm back from my unscheduled absence from ye olde blogge.  No, I didn't go anywhere, life just happened.  After an incredibly crap-tastic day I put the babe to bed early and thought about crumpling up and expiring in the corner. 'But Self,' I thought, 'you have a delicious batch of homemade dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) to eat for dinner'.  That was just the incentive I needed to pull through, and now I feel much better with a belly full of spiced meat, rice, and those yummy salty leaves, plus fruit salad for dessert.  Delicious.

Yesterday I moved Duncan (most handsome horse ever) to the farm behind my house.  How cool to see my big pony out my kitchen window.  Now maybe I can start riding again!  Woo!  I can't say how much I will miss the 300 acres he was on before, but perhaps when I am richer he can move back.  Oh!  If you're interested in seeing some competition photos from 2008 before he got injured and then I got pregnant they are here at GRC photo.  The photos don't justify how ridiculously powerful and fast he was trying to be the whole time which is why I look like garbage, just sayin.

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